Umbraco 9 & Blazor WebAssembly Starterkit on GitHub!

Blazor, a framework that has caught my interest for a while now. Some people love it, some don't see a use for it. Myself? I see chances to experiment and find out for myself what I can do with it! I have messed around with Umbraco a lot this past year, just look at the sheer amount of blog posts that were Umbraco 8 & 9 related! Even with Blazor I have done some experimenting in the past, albeit Server-Side Blazor.

While looking for an excuse to experiment with Blazor WebAssembly, the amazing Umbraco community came up with some suggestions, and they have inspired me to experiment with Umbraco 9 & Blazor WebAssembly by creating a Starterkit! (Kind people including but not limited to CodeSharePaul & YodasMyDad!). What better way to experiment with new frameworks and technologies, than by creating a web-project on which I can freely test, break, innovate, and try new things on, right?

So that's what I did! Around a month ago I started creating a new Solution, consisting of a blank Umbraco 9 project, and a blank Blazor WebAssembly project, and started thinking "How can I merge these two projects together?"... And this is what came out so far!

🚀 I hereby like to share my new, open-source,

Umbraco9 & Blazor WASM Starterkit Repository! 🔥

While still being very far from being finished in any way, shape or form, I thought it would be a good idea to make the repository public early on, so that those who are interested can follow my progress as I go, learn new things, give me feedback, and even contribute if they wish to do so!

What's currently in it?

Currently, the project showcases some of the following concepts:

  • An Umbraco9.Backoffice project used to run and maintain Umbraco and its Web API's
  • An Umbraco9.Blazor project used as our (Headless) Blazor WebAssembly Client
  • An Umbraco9.Core project used to be able to share Models between the Backoffice and the Client
  • Using the Block List Editor to add components to our page(s)
  • Using an UmbracoApiController to serialize our models to be used in our Client
  • Examples of using Blazor components with Dependency Injection
  • Models Builder for all our Umbraco Models
  • Collections to store data (like FAQ's) outside of our Website Root nodes
  • Tailwind CSS (Primarily used from the Tailwind Components, and other open-source locations)
  • More to come...

And implements the following elements:

  • Hero Element
  • Paragraph Element
  • Frequently Asked Questions Element
  • More to come...

I hope I can inspire both you and others to delve deeper into the world of Umbraco 9 and Blazor, and I would love to hear what kind of cool projects you can think of with these technologies! Check out the repository here:

Disclaimer: This GitHub repository and all it's contents are made or implemented for experimental purpose only, for me to learn new concepts and inspire others. I would not (as of right now) recommend using this setup for any production environment, not any projects that you may end up depending on. Use at your own risk.

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