About Me

Starting my journey over ten years ago, I have always been fascinated in a world driven by software, and powered by the users' needs. Creativity, Architecture & Automation have been my passion for as long as I can remember, and there is no better world to express that passion than in the world of software!

During that journey, I have had, and still have the opportunity to be curious about the latest development in the world of technology, which let me to this amazing career path as a Software Engineer. Being able to create software which not only proves its value, but also spark joy in the face of your clients, that is what its all about! With my expertise in Web Development (With .NET platforms such as Umbraco & Sitecore), I strive for creativity and efficiency among each and every project I get to work on.

In a world where Open Source has become the standard, I wanted to create a platform where I could express my passion, and share my knowledge to the rest of the world. Based on this believe I decided to start my own blog to share my Findings, Knowledge, Tips & Tricks and How-to's!


Outdated - I'll get around to updating this page soon đŸ˜‰

Starting 2019 up to now, I have been working with a team of experts at We Are You creating custom solutions to a variety of clients. During this period, I have worked with clients/partners like Boskalis, NGF, Grodan, Farmfrites, just to name a few! During this time I've worked (and got certified) with both Umbraco & Sitecore as primary Content Management Systems, to build custom and scalable solutions for the wide range of clients. After the summer of 2020, I have not only kept my role as software engineer, but added the role of Scrum Master to my arsenal.

Before I became a full-time software engineer, I have been an intern at We Are You where the primary subject of my assignment was Profiling & Personalizing a users experience based on data available from external services. The final result was based on the tools Sitecore provided, and was able to extend up on those tools, combined with a custom build rule execution engine.

Before that, I have been an intern at Intracto (Formerly knows as Have a Nice Day Online). During this period, my primary focus was improving on the online security and privacy handling on behalf of the GDPR privacy laws. (General Data Protection Regulation). This included both the research on the GDPR, and the development based on the leanings from that research.