The start of an Umbraco powered Discord Bot - Open Source

Discord, one of my favorite platforms for chatting, talking and collaborating. The creation of chat-bots has always fascinated me. Being able to quickly moderate and improve chats with the use of commands brings the social experience to a next level. In the past I have experimented with Discord bots before, but how about combining it with a CMS like Umbraco? That's what I set out to do!

While looking for an excuse to experiment with both Discord & Umbraco, I came up with a rather straight forward question: "What possibilities arise when combining the two platforms?"... and I wouldn't be a software engineer if I didn't want to find the answers to that question myself!

So that's what I did! Around a month ago I started creating a new Solution, consisting of a blank Umbraco 9 project, a blank Class Library project with the Discord.NET Library installed, and started thinking "How can I merge these two projects together?"... And this is what came out so far!

🚀 I hereby like to share my new, open-source,

Umbraco Discord Bot GitHub Repository! 🔥

While still being very far from being finished in any way, shape or form, I thought it would be a good idea to make the repository public early on, so that those who are interested can follow my progress as I go, learn new things, give me feedback, and even contribute if they wish to do so!

What's currently in it?

Currently, the project contains the following setup:

  • The ability to create multiple Discord bots, with multiple Access Tokens
  • The ability to connect multiple servers to the same Discord Bot.
  • The ability to create custom commands, and specify custom responses to said commands!
  • And all of this from within Umbraco 9!

And time will tell what other shiny features will be implemented!

Want to try it out yourself, have some cool ideas, or perhaps even want to contribute? Check out the repository here:

Disclaimer: This GitHub repository and all it's contents are made or implemented for experimental purpose only, for me to learn new concepts and inspire others. I would not (as of right now) recommend using this setup for any production environment, not any projects that you may end up depending on. Use at your own risk.