New Year, New Opportunities

Come on in, I'm glad you made it! Can I offer you some coffee? ☕

The year 2020 has passed, and boy what a year it has been. We have all collectively migrated from our offices to our homes, we've invented a whole new set of home-office-lingo, and we've relied on technology more than we ever did before. It also gave us the opportunity to spent more time at home with our families, spent less time on the road, and gave us more freedom in our day-to-day schedules. ⏳

Out of everything that happened, one of the things I missed the most, was the ability to physically share and express the things I've learned & worked on. Sure, I could send out a bulk of emails to all my co-workers, but what's the fun in that?! 🔥

✨ And so a brand-new platform was born! ✨

A platform made by hand, where I can share, teach, tinker & talk about everything tech related! Built on ASP.NET, powered by Umbraco, and fueled by many shots of espresso! Whether it's a look into the day-to-day software I use, the latest change-logs and sneak-peaks of the projects I work on, or guides/how-to's!

Take a good look around, learn more about who I am & what I do, and stay tuned for future articles! Want to get in touch with me? Don't hesitate to do so!