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  • YinYang KalOnline

    Server Info…

    - Server runs on 2018/2019 Engine.
    - Mid-to-High Rates with balanced drop rate.
    - Self-made Protection Systems for better game-play.
    - Advanced AFK Check Systems to detect and prevent afkers.
    - Hanin Mirrors/Demon Gong/Mining has been removed.
    - Solo & Party Areas for the best game-play.
    - Daily Events.
    - Ksing protection.
    - Balanced PvP / PvE.
    - Costumes (can not be enchanted).
    - Advanced crafting system to craft useful items during gameplay.
    - Upgradeable Pets for every character with Healing/Picking ability.
    - You will discover a lot of new features in-game.
    - New Monsters/Areas/Pets/item/Quests Never Seen Before.
    - More In Game

    Server Status